Master in Event management, protocol and business tourism (MICE) (Full Time Madrid English)

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Máster|Madrid|Presencial|15.200 € |60 Créditos - Strart date: april 2019.
This program will be conducted in English in Madrid.
The objective of Ostelea's Master in Events Organization, Protocol and Business Tourism (MICE) is to equip professionals and executives to lead business projects focused on planning and managing various types of events (in particular, Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions, as well as congresses, conventions and trade fairs), ensuring that they have a firm grasp of the concepts of protocol and communications and public relations strategies, and enabling them to generate tourism development specializing in the quality business tourism sector. The programme also ensures that participants have the business perspective required to be efficient in the decision-making process.
Reasons for taking Ostelea's Master in Events Organization, Protocol and Business Tourism (MICE):
  • Executive Skills
    • Management Experience: Students develop the key competences for managing projects effectively and event management, Soft Skills.
    • Series of meetings with executives from hotel and restaurant companies, and international tourism consultants.     
    • Program for developing executive competences: Tourism Skills Development Program (TSDP).
    • Organization of real events: Students on the Master take charge of organizing the School's events and protocol. In previous years, the students helped to organize International Book Day, among other events.
    • Personal brand management: The program includes the development of skills in the field of personal brand management, which include learning personal marketing and employability techniques, in order to identify professional opportunities in Spain and further afield.
    • Stress management techniques: The program includes a number of sessions on stress management techniques, a crucial skill for any events organization executive, as their psycho-emotional balance is vital for effective team management.
  • Residential programs
    • Students have the option of taking an international residential program in Tourism at Saxion (Holland).
    • Campus to Campus: Option of taking part of the program at Ostelea's Barcelona campus. 
  • Attendance to sector trade fairs
    • Extensive program of visits to trade fairs, events and organization: If the tuition period coincides in terms of dates, students on the program can attend FITUR, considered to be Europe's second most important tourism trade fair and/or Fashion Week Madrid.
  • Employability and Entrepreneurship
    • MICE Students who want to set up their own business have access to the Entrepreneur Project, offering advice and guidance.
    • Employability-focused tuition: Professional Careers programs, Employability Week, Employment Forum, Graduate Programs, among other initiatives (subject to demand).
  • Other key features
    • International faculty: Some of the contents on certain courses will be taught by lecturers from Ostelea's partner universities and business schools.
    • Research Group: Members of the Master faculty form part of EAE's Multidisciplinary Tourism Research Group (GRIT-EAE), the scientific output of which focuses on the field of international tourism management.
    • Seminars on Hospitality (Barcelona) and Sustainability (Madrid).
    • Language: English or French.


The Master is designed for university graduates. Professional experience is not essential. Language certification or interview in English.


  • Insight into the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing and Exhibitions) industry and the Protocol Department of Institutions: Building a firm knowledge base in the tourism industry from an international perspective and always with an executive approach and event management.

  • Sustainable innovation and management: Developing the capacity for creativity and innovation in the industry and its sustainable management through comprehensive and specialist training, equipping participants to take on positions of responsibility.

  • Global vision: Training directors equipped to manage events companies, conventions business tourism and institutions, and who are able to achieve the expected results at a global level.

  • Training executives: Developing the executive skills required of a global manager of MICE companies to enable them to work cooperatively, assertively and participatively with all of the members of the team.

  • Development of strategic plans: Learning the key factors in drafting strategic and immediate action plans in MICE settings (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions)


Full Time


Ostelea's Master in Events Organization, Protocol and Business Tourism is directed by María Nuño de la Rosa, has a Master in International External Relations and Protocol from the Universidad Camilo José Cela of Madrid. María Nuño was Supervisor of Institutional Relations of the Transport Consortium of Madrid.

Titulación obtenida

The qualification of Master in Events Organization, Protocol and Business Tourism from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. (Official qualification from "C.E.S EAE Madrid", pending verification).
The qualification of Master in Events Organization, Protocol and Business Tourism from the Ostelea, School of Tourism & Hospitality. (Institutional).
The qualification of Master in Events Organization, Protocol and Business Tourism from EAE Business School. (Institutional).


Ostelea gives candidates access to grants in the form of financial aid with the aim of providing support for students.

Bolsa de empleo

Ostelea gives its students training designed to enhance employability.

Perspectivas laborales

Cultural Events Organization being commissioned by private and public companies or private clients.
Events organization, design and management, conducting feasibility, profitability and ROI studies.
Public institution departments at a state, regional, provincial and municipal level focused on the implementation of cultural, heritage, and artistic policies through the design, planning and management of events in this field.
Companies specializing in the organization of trade fairs and other commercial promotion events in the field of public relations.
Hotel establishments specializing in hosting events such as congresses, conventions and conferences.

Temario del curso

Módulo 1 : Structure and international finances for the tourism sector
  • Structure of the global tourism market: 6 ECTS
  • International finances for the tourism sector: 6 ECTS
Módulo 2 : Talent managment and innovation in global contexts
  • Intellectual capital and talent management in global contexts in events organization and business tourism: 6 ECTS
  • Innovation and the entrepreneurial mindset in events organization and business tourism: 6 ECTS
Módulo 3 : Management of events and business tourism companies in global contexts
  • Strategic management of events and business tourism companiesy: 6 ECTS
  • Events organization and business tourism companies: operations, logistics and quality: 6 ECTS
Módulo 4 : Structure of the Global Tourism Industry
  • Events organization and business tourism companies: operations, logistics and quality - 6 Credits - Compulsory
Módulo 5 : Professional Training
  • Tutorising proffesional training: 6 ECTS
Módulo 6 : Master's Thesis
  • Master's Thesis: 6 ECTS

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